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Title: Staff Application
Post by: EF on August 31, 2014, 12:23:53 pm
Before we get started let me introduce myself a little. I like simulators such as Gran Turismo, Euro Truck Simulator 2, etc.  I strive to have good grammar and spelling, although sometimes I do make a mistake.

Now onto the application!

Do you own Minecraft? If so what is your IGN:
 Yes, I do own Minecraft. My in game name (PSN) is EF-12345678

If you insist to know, I'm 14.

Why do you want to be a moderator on the forums:
I like to keep communities clean and tidy! The better the forum looks, the more people will join.

why do you deserve to be a moderator on the forums:
Why not? I'd like to help this forum grow in numbers.

Why should we approve you?
Again, I say why not?

What will happen if you found a newbie?
 Umm....elaborate on this question please! I don't understand.
what will happen if you had an argument with another moderator:
 Ouch! This is a difficult question to answer. I surely would argue behind closed doors to keep the reputation of the community good, otherwise I would probably back off and let the situation resolve by itself. Everyone has bad days.

Timezone: Great question! Central Daylight Time or CDT for short. It is the middle section of the United States.